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Linen – for Spring/Summer

Perfect Attire | Linen – for Spring/Summer

Spring/Summer is almost here, which means fashion influencers and brands are going to bring in a plethora of choices in the fanciest of colours to try and boost sales. 

But what everyone will always agree on is that breathable fabrics such as Cotton and Linen is what you need to put on. 

Linen fabric is woven loosely and will allow for immense breathability but it is no use if you make the jacket fully lined using a Bemberg or Silk lining. The linings are usually tightly woven and impermeable. The structure of the jacket needs to be light too, sometimes even without any structure.

Shown in the image is a Grey slub linen jacket with minimal structure in the front shell. The lapel is a special Rounded Notch which vibes casual. The Front Chest and Waist pockets are Patched with an inverted pleat. Adding flair is the contrasting Buttonhole threads and the handmade lapel boutonniere in the Milanese style.

Easy to wear, Linen jackets can be clubbed on top of polos, Sport Shirts or even even Casual tees.

You should also take a look at our gallery showcasing some of our suit commissions here.

We are contactable via InstagramFacebookLinkedIn or our website for commissions.

As a bespoke atelier we carry fabrics from many reputed mills such as VBC, Drago, Holland & Sherry, Ariston, Ermenegildo Zegna and more. The prices vary in a range depending on the wool count of the fabric, the weave and the brand. We invite you to check out the prices here.

Perfect Attire | Linen – for Spring/Summer
Perfect Attire | Linen – for Spring/Summer

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