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How to Style Your Chinos

Perfect Attire | How to Style Your Chinos

Chinos have been a menswear staple since the mid-19th century.  Back then, branches of the French and British military used them as the foundation of their uniforms.  Over time, they’ve evolved into a versatile pant that works year-round.  Once you’ve got your hands on a pair of our luxury cotton chinos, it’s time to join the legion of stylish men and put your latest piece into action.  But how do you wear them?

Smart Casual

Though chinos are versatile, your day-to-day schedule may not be.  If you spend the bulk of your week in an office, chances are there’s a dress code to adhere to.  Your best bet for pulling off chinos in the workplace is with smart casual style.  The smart casual aesthetic involves the effortless pairing of professional staples with more relaxed options.  If you’re wearing your new Cobalt Blue chinos on the bottom, top them off with a cream blazer and a chambray woven shirt.  Keep the shirt unbuttoned for casual Friday or close it up with a knit tie for the rest of the week.  As for the shoe choice, a traditional oxford in a dark brown works well.

Bold Color

Back in the days of those popular Gap ads, the chino color to beat was khaki.  In fact, many people use the terms ‘chino’ and ‘khaki’ interchangeably.  However, chinos are just as modern as any other fabric and there’s no reason to find yourself stuck with one color.  Don’t be afraid to go bold.  Try a Light or Dark Brown for fall and winter.  Brighten things up with Sky Blue or White for the warmer seasons.  Chinos can be just as adventurous as any other piece in your wardrobe.


Like our made-to-measure shirts, we offer our chinos in two fits: Close and Comfort.  The reigning fit in men’s fashion has been skinny or slim or years.  If you’re looking to stay on trend, Close is the obvious choice.  But over the last year, fashion’s most daring men have been loosening up their pants.  Especially their chinos.  Relaxed fit chinos are a great look because they communicate a sense of whimsy. Even better, cotton is a fabric that can maintain sophistication even when it gives you room to breathe.  You can pair them with a blazer and dress shirt if needed.  However, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for high style.

Play with Texture

You don’t need to rely on color or even fit to take your style up a notch.  Since you’re wearing cotton from the waist down, mix up your fabrics on top.  A linen or tweed blazer adds some serious texture to your look.  Keep all your pieces solid in color and just play with fabrication.  The difference in textures creates much needed variation and makes your outfit interesting without having to try too hard.

Chinos are a menswear staple that aren’t adventurous by nature, but with the right styling, can unlock fashionable new worlds for the wearer.

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