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Fine Bespoke Suit Tailors in Singapore|Australia

Celebrating 11 years in tailoring.
Custom Tailored Suits, Jackets, Shirts, Trousers and other Men’s apparel.

Custom Suits Tailor

Perfect Attire Bespoke Tailors is one of the leading suit tailor in Singapore & Australia, Internationally recognized for the exceptional quality, comfort, and impeccable fit of our clothes. We provide a wide array of fabrics, styles, and personalized choices, empowering you to curate a wardrobe that mirrors your distinct persona and preferences. 

Whether it’s for business, a special occasion, or simply to elevate your everyday style, we meticulously bring your envisioned style to reality, stitch by stitch.

Embark with us on a voyage toward sartorial mastery.

Perfect Attire | Home Image Caption

Greyish Blue Windowpane Glen Checks

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Perfect Attire | Home Image Caption

Medium Grey Sharkskin 2 piece Suit

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Light Green Melange Drago 2 Pc Suit (5)

Light Green Melange Drago 2Pc Suit

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Perfect Attire | Home Image Caption

Medium Blue Stretch Textured 2pc suit

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Perfect Attire | Home Image Caption

White Tuxedo Peak Lapel

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Blue Notch Lapel 3Pc suit tailor made bespoke by perfect attire singapore

Navy Blue Twill Formal Suit

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Perfect Attire | Home Image Caption

Charcoal Glen Checks 2 pc suit

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Light Grey checks 2pc suit

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Navy Blue Houndstooth suit

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Our Special Services For You.

Wedding Suits

Find the perfect attire for your big day with our exquisite range of wedding suits. From classic tuxedos to elegant three-piece suits, our collection offers a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors to suit every groom and groomsmen taste. Tailored to perfection, our wedding suits ensure you look impeccable and feel confident as you walk down the aisle.

Business Suits

Elevate your professional look with our sophisticated business suits. Crafted from premium materials and tailored for a sharp fit, our business suits exude professionalism and style. Whether you prefer a classic navy suit or a modern slim-fit design, our collection caters to diverse preferences, ensuring you make a lasting impression in the boardroom.

Bespoke Designs

Discover the epitome of sartorial elegance with our bespoke suit designs. Indulge in the luxury of personalized tailoring, where every stitch is a reflection of your unique style. From selecting fabrics to choosing intricate details, our bespoke service offers a truly custom experience, resulting in a suit that fits impeccably and embodies your individuality.


To ensure the perfect fit, every client at Perfect Attire Bespoke Suit Tailors receives a complimentary “Test-Fit” garment, an integral part of our fitting process. Regardless of the number of garments ordered, this step is a standard practice.

For jackets and waistcoats, we typically conduct two fittings, starting with a muslin fit and progressing to a basted fit. This meticulous process ensures that your garments are tailored to perfection, and you walk away with a truly customized, comfortable, and stylish ensemble.

Exquisite Custom Tailored Shirts

At Perfect Attire Bespoke Tailors, we offer a refined experience in crafting tailored shirts that exemplify sophistication and individuality.

Step into our store and explore a curated selection of over 1000 premium fabrics, each carefully chosen to meet the highest standards of quality and style. From classic textures to contemporary hues, our range ensures you’ll find the fabric that perfectly aligns with your personal aesthetic.

What makes us the best tailors in Singapore & Australia is our meticulous attention to detail. From collar styles and cuff designs to button choices and subtle monograms, our customization options allow you to express your unique sense of style in a discreet yet distinguished manner.

We are here to guide you through the process, ensuring that your tailored shirt fits impeccably and reflects your individuality.

Pink Striped Button Down Collar Shirt (2)

Pink Striped Button Down Collar Shirt

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Dark Blue Chambray Tailored Shirt

Dark Blue Chambray Tailored Shirt

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Light Blue Melange Cotton Casual Shirt

Light Blue Melange Cotton Casual Shirt

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Blue Chambray Tailor Made Shirt by Perfect Attire Singapore

Blue Chambray Tailor Made Shirt

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Tailored Navy Blue Satin Shirt made by Perfect Attire SIngapore

Tailored Navy Blue Satin Shirt

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Blue Dobby Textured Bankers Shirt with White Collar and Cuff Tailor made by Perfect Attire Singapore

Blue Dobby Textured Bankers Shirt

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I expect during a consultation?

During a consultation, the custom suit tailor in Singapore will discuss your style preferences, fabric choices, design details, and take precise measurements. This discussion ensures that the final garment is tailored to your liking and fits perfectly.

Our carefully curated collection of 1000 premium fabrics epitomizes our commitment to quality, style, and uniqueness.

For Suits:

Choose from prestigious mills like VBC, Drago, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ariston, Holland & Sherry, and Paladino. Italian classics and British tailoring converge in our range, offering a canvas for your masterpiece.

For Shirts:

Craft impeccable dress shirts from our exclusive House Collection and fabrics from Andreazza & Castelli, Soktas, Albini and Monti. These European brands provide a spectrum of colors, patterns, and weaves for shirts that radiate quality and style.

Check out some fabric bunches here.

The entire process typically spans 4-6 weeks based on the level of customization involved.

Step 1: Fabric Selection & Design

Step 2: Measurement Taking

Step 3: Fabric Procurement

Step 4: Pattern Creation & Muslin Fit

Step 5: Initial Fit Assessment:

Step 6 & 7: Pattern Revision & Baste Garment

Step 8: Baste Fit

Step 9 & 10: Final Garment Creation

Step 11 & 12: Final Fit & Delivery

Read the blog here for more information.

Crafting a bespoke fit is a long process that demands exclusive, personalized attention from the designer. To ensure this level of service, all our offerings are exclusively available by appointment. 

Schedule appointment.

If you’re unsatisfied with your suit, we’ll make alterations, adjustments, and recuts until it meets your satisfaction. In rare cases where achieving the desired cut or fit isn’t possible, we reserve the right to refund all deposits paid.

The Boutique

In our Singapore boutiques, we redefine ‘bespoke’ with a focus on precise fit and personalized choice. Your convenience is our priority. Your time, your style—always our priority. 

Experience a uniquely personalized session in a serene, private setting by scheduling an appointment with us.

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