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Top 9 Wedding suits

Choosing a wedding suit can be quite intimidating. One has to keep in mind not to over shine the bride and at the same time not blend with wedding attendees.
It is important to choose a suit color that works well with your skin tone, is comfortable and fits well.
Let me take you through some of the popular choices of wedding suits.

1) Navy Three piece suit:  A navy 3 piece suit is a formal wedding suit that consists of a matching jacket, trousers, and waistcoat. It is very versatile and suits all skin tones. The deep shade of blue is also very easy to match with all pastel shade making it easier to match any shirt and tie. It is easy to transition Navy blue suit from wedding suit to work wear.

Perfect Attire | Top 9 Wedding suits

2) Grey 3 piece suit: The most popular shades of grey for wedding suits are charcoal and dark shades. Again it is universally suitable for all skin tones. Moreover, dark colors are easy of pairing with all light and pastel  shades making it easy to find shirts and ties to bring out the contrast. Ideal for a wedding suit that can used for work as well.

3) 2 piece suit contrast waistcoat:  A navy or charcoal 2 piece suit with a contrasting light coloured waistcoat makes a delightful suit for bridegrooms. Layering the outfit with colour pops make it stand out and take the formality a notch down. This type of combination is best suited for a slightly casual wedding theme.

Perfect Attire | Top 9 Wedding suits

4) Cream and  Beige 2 piece suit: Light tone suits are ideal for daytime outdoor weddings. Light colours are less formal, hence suitable for casual wedding themes. The fabric choices for wedding suit in beige or cream can range from linen to wool with all types of blens blends.

5) 3 piece beige suit: Another great choice for wedding suit with a casual theme. My personal recommendation for 3 piece beige / cream suit is to have a waistcoat with a deep cut neck. The waistcoat is hidden when the jacket is buttoned. This makes it less formal and uptight but at the same time more dressy and classy than a 2piece suit in same colour.

Perfect Attire | Top 9 Wedding suits

6) Tuxedo: The most elegant and contemporary wedding suit. The satin lapel of tuxedo adds a flair taking it two notches up on elegance level compared to any other type of suit. The most common colours are black, Navy blue, and burgundy. Satin, Velvet and wool fabrics work well for Tuxedos. While Tuxedos are meant only for weddings and events, it is not on the top of this list for a few reasons.

  • a) Not many people will have a chance to re-wear it, considering the contemporary fashion styles.
  • b) In Asia many cultures have their own traditional attires which may be more essential for traditional ceremonies than a suit or tuxedo

7)  Bottle green:  Bottle/ Dark green is unconventional but versatile. The dark shade gives room to pair with any light tone shirt and many different shades of ties. A dark suit with light colour shirt combination goes well with any skin tone hence make it easy to carry off.  

8) Brown Suit: A brown wedding suit with coarse texture or grains looks very attractive with white, pink and pastel shirts. The texture adds deepen undertone to the colour brown making it more intriguing. Brown suit is ideal for wedding themes with natural light and light décor. Pair it with crisp white shirts and a foulard print tie to add old school style while keeping the suit it self sleek and modern.

Perfect Attire | Top 9 Wedding suits

9) Tail coat/ Morning Suit: Morning suits are most commonly worn as part of a formal attire for day time event, such as white tie or black tie. It comprises of Dark tail coat, light waistcoat and grey trousers. Ideal wedding suit for bridegrooms. But the practicality of not being able to re-use easily makes it less popular in Singapore.

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