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Brief about Double Breasted Suits

Perfect Attire | Brief about Double Breasted Suits

The Double Breasted Suit is the formal counterpart to its more commonly chosen sibling, the Single Breasted Jacket. Everyone looks at it, dreams of it but only a few actually dare to choose it.

ironically the DB Suit started off as a casual sports lounge coat and was considered casual until the early 20th century when fashion changed and the DB suit was popularized by Bankers & Mafia as a formal and rigid uniform.


Usually designed with a Peak Lapel, the DB suit is characterized by its overlapping front with symmetrical button placements in a V tapered style. The buttons come in various configurations with the 6X4 being the most popular. The cover image features our Maroon DB Suit in the 6X4 variation.

The jacket typically is structured more rigidly impersonating broad shoulders and a nipped waist to cinch it before flaring down to the seat. The length of the jacket is also shorter which accentuates the lower half of the body, thus giving the appearance of being taller in stature.


Take a look at Instagram and you will be flooded with images of dandies flaunting the DB jacket as a full fledged suit or pairing it with the odd trouser to portray a more casual outfit.

Below you will see one of our Houndstooth Jacket as a Separate DB Jacket paired with an Olive Green trouser.


One of the first things to consider when choosing to wear a double-breasted suit is the occasion or the purpose. For Formal wears we recommend full Wool collections from Drago, VBC or Zegna.
Separates can choose from Ariston Napoli’s jacketing collection or our Irish Linen and Cotton collection for a casual outfit.

Regardless of the occasion, a DB suit is every gentleman’s dream suit. You only have to choose to wear it. We understand that it could be initimidating slightly, but if you have the opportunity, then it will not let you down.


Although the appearance of these suits may intimidate some men, they are actually quite simple to wear. The key is to dress the right way and make sure that the right accessories are worn with the appropriate attire. A double-breasted suit, with its clean lines and simple design, is one of the most timeless styles of blazers available and can be dressed up or down with nearly anything. There is a certain air of mystery that comes with wearing a suit of this type, which many people like to add into their own personal styles. These suits are appropriate for both business and leisure wear, so there really is no reason why you cannot wear this type of jacket in any situation you find yourself in.

As a bespoke atelier we carry fabrics from many reputed mills such as VBC, Drago, Holland & Sherry, Ariston, Ermenegildo Zegna and more. The prices vary in a range depending on the wool count of the fabric, the weave and the brand. We invite you to check out the prices here.

You should also take a look at our gallery showcasing some of our suit commissions here.

We are contactable via InstagramFacebookLinkedIn or our website.

Perfect Attire | Brief about Double Breasted Suits

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