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Drago Sinfonia Super 160s


2Pc Suit Price: SGD2000

3Pc Suit Price: SGD2500


Enter the world of elegance with Drago’s Sinfonia series, a collection that effortlessly marries classic style with timeless sophistication. Featuring a design book of over 50 classic patterns suitable for both business and weddings, this collection is designed to take your sartorial choices to a new level.

The hallmark of the Sinfonia series is its Super 160s wool. This exceptional fabric offers an exquisite handfeel that’s both soft and elegant to the touch. With each interaction, you’ll experience the luxurious tactile sensation of fabric that is not just comfortable but also conveys an air of refined sophistication.

What sets the Sinfonia series apart is its suitability for the Singaporean climate. With a lightweight construction of about 260gsm, these fabrics are perfectly tailored to the tropical weather, ensuring you stay comfortable and stylish, even in the heat and humidity.

A suit crafted from the Sinfonia series is bound to evoke envy and admiration. Whether it’s a business meeting or a wedding, these fabrics are designed to make a lasting impression. The classic patterns ensure a timeless appeal, and the soft elegance of the fabric creates a sense of luxury that’s hard to match.

Elevate your bespoke wardrobe with the Super 160s wool and classic patterns of Drago’s Sinfonia series. Enjoy the perfect balance of comfort and style, ideal for the Singaporean climate. Your attire will be an envy to all who see it, making every occasion a moment to remember. Choose Sinfonia, and make a statement of timeless elegance and luxury in every step you take.