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Drago Rugby Flannel Super 130s


2Pc Suit Price: SGD1500

3Pc Suit Price: SGD1950


Discover the Drago Rugby Flannel range, a limited yet luxurious collection of fabrics that redefines comfort and style. With only 20 distinctive patterns, this collection boasts a unique selection that is guaranteed to capture your attention.

The key feature of the Rugby Flannel range is the flannel weave, known for its softness and warmth. These fabrics have a texture and plushness that feel like a warm embrace, providing an unparalleled level of comfort. Running your hand over these fabrics is an experience in itself, and they are so soft that they seem to melt at your touch.

These fabrics are versatile and can be tailored into full suits or as sport jackets. Whether you choose a complete suit or a separate sport jacket, the result is bound to be a head-turner. The luxurious feel of the Rugby Flannel range combined with the classic elegance of the patterns ensures that your attire is not just stylish but also incredibly comfortable.

These fabrics are not just a reflection of your personal style; they are a testament to your commitment to quality and comfort. Drago’s Rugby Flannel range is ideal for those who appreciate the tactile experience of fabric as much as the aesthetics. It’s a choice that brings together the warmth of tradition with a contemporary sense of style.

Elevate your bespoke wardrobe with the unmatched softness and elegance of Drago’s Rugby Flannel range. Choose from the limited yet captivating patterns and design a suit or sport jacket that will not only turn heads but also make you feel as though you’re wearing a piece of sartorial art. Enjoy the embrace of luxury with every step you take.