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Drago Cortina Super 130s


2Pc Suit Price: SGD1500

3Pc Suit Price: SGD1950


Introducing Drago’s Cortina Series, a remarkable collection of fabrics in Super 130s wool count that offers a distinctive blend of elegance and character. With over 100 captivating patterns to choose from, the Cortina Series presents an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your sartorial style.

What sets the Cortina Series apart is its slightly heavier weight, with fabrics ranging around 300gsm. This additional weight contributes to an exceptional drape that allows your garments to fall gracefully, ensuring a polished and refined look.

However, it’s the unique texture of each fabric in the Cortina Series that truly sets it apart. With a slight ruggedness, these fabrics offer an appearance like none other. This distinctive texture lends a sense of individuality to your attire, making it stand out in a crowd of traditional suiting.

The Cortina Series is an ode to the art of tailoring, blending classic sophistication with contemporary style. The Super 130s wool ensures a soft touch and exceptional comfort while maintaining its robustness and durability. These fabrics are particularly well-suited for suits and jackets, providing not just style but also a remarkable tactile experience.

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless charm of classic patterns or you prefer a more modern and unique design, the Cortina Series has something to suit every taste. These fabrics are a testament to Drago’s commitment to quality, tradition, and innovation, making them an excellent choice for those who seek to stand out while maintaining a refined and elegant look.

Elevate your bespoke wardrobe with the exceptional drape and unique texture of Drago’s Cortina Series. Explore the diverse patterns and discover a fabric that resonates with your personal style, ensuring that your attire is a reflection of your individuality and sophistication.