Each shirt is unique (because I designed it) and I feel Fabulous wearing it out and having people ask about where I got it. If you want to see pictures, just email me and i’ll share.   ([email protected])

Les A Carlsbad, USA
I love the idea of being able to Tweak Measurements, so I can get the best fit. They make it an easy process to arrive at your perfect fit. Love their product & Service.
Tauhid I Singapore
When you find a Company giving you a Split Yoke, Shell Buttons and Hand Claw Stitches as a Standard Feature, they immediately gain my respect because they are fighting on Quality not Price. Below $100 a shirt for this craftsmanship is a steal in my opinion.
VG Singapore
The customer service I received was exceptional; my shirts were sent free of charge with a timely follow-up to ensure that I was completely satisfied with each shirt. This level of customer care really sets Perfect Attire apart from the pack, and I have recommended them to many of my colleagues and friends around the globe.
Greg W Singapore
All in all, Perfect Attire surpassed my expectations.  My advice to those of you who are skeptical (like I was), give it a go and order 1 or 2 shirts to test it out, I am sure you will not be disappointed.
Peter G Singapore


Our intention is to stay true to our philosophy and mantra of manufacturing ‘Fine shirts’.

That can only be fulfilled by defining what features a fine shirt should possess and then meticulously ensuring that we meet those. Our standards are stringent because we are also consumers of our own brand and we wouldn’t want to offer our clientele what we wouldn’t be happy putting on ourselves.

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