Tan cotton Chinos


Luxurious Cotton Chinos for the perfect Casual setting.
Custom made to your measurements. Rock them with a tucked out shirt.



    Front Pleats

    Waistband Height

    Extender Length

    Waistband Fastening - Extender

    Waistband Fastening

    *Trouser Buttons

    Waist Adjuster

    Front Pocket

    Back Pocket

    Hem Cuffs


    Add Contrast to Pocket Edge?

    Contrast will be added to the Side Pocket as a subtle edge stitch.

    *Lining Fabric ID

    Please click the below link to view available lining choices and note the numeric ID

    LINING 1

    LINING 2

    LINING 3

    LINING 4


    Custom Sizing Guide

    Go ahead and place your order.
    We will send you a link to a Google Drive folder with an Excel sheet where you will be able to enter detailed measurement information.
    We will be in communication via email, telephone or video chat and guide you to accurate measurements.

    If you are a first time customer then we will also be sending you a 'Test-Fit Trouser' in order for you to assess fit and provide feedback.