Craftsmanship of a high end shirt

When you receive your final made-to-measure shirt, whether it’s in the mail or in person, it’s expected that the garment is of a higher quality than anything you’ve purchased before. The way it fits your torso, the feel of the fabric, the freshness that radiates from the shirt. There’s no doubt that investing in a custom dress shirt is money well spent.  And you’re very involved in the process. From the dozens of measurements to the customization options to the fittings, you’re an active player in the shirt’s creation. But once your input has been given, a lot happens behind the scenes that you don’t see.  Your made-to-measure shirt is the result of the finest craftsmanship in the fashion industry.

The Pattern

Your shirt’s pattern is its 2D blueprint—essentially a cutout crafted from your measurements. Every shirt made by Perfect Attire is crafted from its own original pattern. When you buy shirts from a popular retailer or a department store, they’re created from a small range of standard patterns. Those shirts fit poorly because they haven’t been molded to fit your body. They’re based on the physique of a fit model who’s probably built nothing like you. Creating a unique pattern for each shirt ensures superior fit and requires tedious attention to detail.

The Interlining

Each of our shirts has a high-quality interlining. Interlining is the fabric that’s placed between the two pieces of cloth on secondary shirt areas like your collar and cuffs. This interlining gives them a desired thickness and double layer that keeps them firmly in place and helps them hold up over repeated wears. It’s worth mentioning here that you have the power to choose the thickness and softness of interlining for your individual shirt.

 Split Yokes

The yoke is the part of the shirt pattern that covers the neck and shoulder.  We build our yokes from 4 different pieces of fabric. The combination of multiple pieces allows for more stretch and comfort around your shoulders. If you’ve opted for a shirt printed with stripes or checks, the split yoke can give your shirt a gorgeous chevron pattern. This process is time-consuming—one you’ll only find in high end bespoke shirting.

 Button Details

Though buttons are a small detail of your shirt, they can have a significant impact on its overall aesthetic. We use 3mm thick Mother of Pearl buttons to add a sense of elegance and refinement to every shirt regardless of the pattern, fabric or customization. Crafted from inner oyster shells, wearing Mother of Pearl buttons is like wearing fine jewelry right on your torso. Our buttons are shanked, wrapped with a thread that elevates the button for easy use.


Every shirt is finished with single needle lock stitch on a single machine by a single tailor. We do not employ batch stitching. Our side seam gussets add strength to the hemlines and the seams are less than a 1/4 inch in width, a time consuming process but produces the finest results.
The claw stitch, a hallmark of only a select few bespoke shirt makers around the globe, is handmade on every shirt, should you like to choose it.

You were already over the moon about your new custom shirt.  But now that you understand the hard work and attention to detail that’s involved in creating it, you’ll have a newfound appreciation.