Benefits of Made to Measure Shirting

In the last few years, menswear has seen a massive push toward made-to-measure shirting.  However, for the average guy, there aren’t many resources available to help him understand the difference between the pre-packaged shirts sold at his local department store and the far superior offerings from made-to-measure companies.

When you buy a shirt off-the-rack, you’re selecting from a range of shirts created with a “one size fits all” mentality.  Sure, you’ll be able to find shirts with measurements that match your neck size or sleeve length.  But that’s as precise as those shirts get.  Off-the-rack shirts are created using standard industry patterns. These patterns are typically based on a fit model who, when compared to the average male, is an anomaly.

Buying off-the-rack leads to a frustrating experience.  For tall men, the sleeves are never long enough.  For thin men, the torso is cut too wide.  And for stocky guys, the reigning slim cut fits them everywhere except where it matters most.  Made-to-measure shirting is the best way to combat these issues and say goodbye to lackluster dress clothes.


The greatest advantage of made-to-measure shirting is fit.  Instead of taking your chances on a pre-made shirt from a popular retailer, you can start from scratch.  At Perfect Attire, we take a slew of measurements that take into account the uniqueness of your body.  Maybe you have broad shoulders but a slim waist.  Or perhaps your waist is wide but your shoulders are narrow.  Regardless of your physique or stature, made-to-measure shirting can lead you to the perfect shirt.


You’ll no longer need to settle for what’s being offered to you.  In the made-to-measure process, you’re involved in customizing every aspect of your shirt.  Are you a low maintenance guy who needs wrinkle-free fabric?  Maybe you’ve had trouble finding a glen plaid shirt with a spread collar?  Have you always dreamed of having your initials monogrammed on your cuff?  There’s no limit to what you can do when creating your dream shirt.  Whether it’s the placket, the contrast fabric or the fit, you have a say in every detail.


When you buy from a department store or a retailer, you’re purchasing a shirt that was made for quick consumption.  You end up sacrificing quality to save a little money.  The result?  You end up shopping for new shirts every year, or even worse, every 6 months.  Your shirts should last.  When you opt for a made-to-measure shirt, it’s the result of an unrivaled craftsmanship and the industry’s finest materials.  This is a shirt that’s made to last through every job, wedding and happy hour on your annual agenda.


At Perfect Attire, we work tirelessly to make sure you’re satisfied.  Our Fit Guarantee is an unparalleled service that you’ll only find with us.  Based on your initial measurements and customization requests, we create a “Test Garment”.  This is a model shirt built to resemble your final product.  You’ll try the Test Garment on and send us feedback. Based on our combined assessment and analysis of the Fit Test, we’ll make the necessary adjustments and send you a finished made-to-measure shirt that’s cut to perfection.

We are blurring the lines between Made to Measure and Bespoke. We call it building a bridge. We believe it’s the only way to find and create shirts that fit you perfectly.